A B S T R A C T | 2014-2019
Daniel lieske blackeye

"Black Eye" - 2017

Daniel lieske cosmicriddle

"Cosmic Riddle" - 2016

Daniel lieske curcuitoflife

"Circuit of Life" - 2017

Daniel lieske bluelagoon

"Blue Lagoon" - 2018

Daniel lieske brokenshells

"Broken Shells" - 2018

Daniel lieske treeofeyes

"Tree of Eyes" - 2015

Daniel lieske demontriangles

"Demon Triangles" - 2016

Daniel lieske fairydance

"Fairy Dance" - 2018

Daniel lieske tunnel

"Tunnel" - 2017

Daniel lieske distantmoonset

"Distant Moonset" - 2014

Daniel lieske friendlyfibres

"Friendly Fibres" - 2019

Daniel lieske fibres

"Fibres" - 2016

Daniel lieske liquidcircuit

"Liquid Circuit" - 2017

Daniel lieske outlet

"Outlet" - 2018

Daniel lieske scarecrow

"Scarecrow" - 2019

Daniel lieske thornoficeandfire

"Thorn of Ice and Fire" - 2016

Daniel lieske mandelspark

"Mandelspark" - 2019

Daniel lieske tilt

"Tilt" - 2015

Daniel lieske phantomwound

"Phantom Wound" - 2017

Daniel lieske seed

"Seed" - 2018

Daniel lieske tearsofanubis

"Tears of Anubis" - 2017

A B S T R A C T | 2014-2019

A collection of abstract artwork that I've created between 2014 and 2019.

Whenever I find a small window of time - normally in the evenings, when it's too early to go to bed but too late to work on something substantial - I put on some inspiring music and paint away for 30 minutes or an hour. I try to not care about anything during these sessions, as long as putting down my brushstrokes is enjoyable. In most cases, the result goes right into the trash bin because it looks horrible. In some cases I end up with something that looks inspiring from a compositional or a color standpoint (ideally both). A selection of these lucky cases is shown in this project. I hope you enjoy looking at them!

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